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The Necessary Angel thumbnail
The Necessary Angel eAudiobook
C.K. Stead / David Thorpe

Max Jackson, a New Zealander living and lecturing in Paris, has a complicated arrangement with his e..

Winter in Paradise thumbnail
Winter in Paradise eAudiobook
Elin Hilderbrand / Laurence Bouvard Available 3rd September 2019

Irene Steele's idyllic life is rocked by a late-night phone call that brings news of her husband?s s..

The Angel in the Glass thumbnail
The Angel in the Glass eAudiobook
Alys Clare / Richard Attlee

June, 1604. When the emaciated body of a vagrant is found on the edge of the moor, physician Gabriel..

A Different Class Of Murder thumbnail
A Different Class Of Murder eAudiobook
Laura Thompson / Anna Bentinck

On 7 November 1974, a nanny named Sandra Rivett was bludgeoned to death in a Belgravia basement. A s..

The Transatlantic Marriage Bureau thumbnail
The Transatlantic Marriage Bureau eAudiobook
Julie Ferry / Charlotte Strevens

In 1895, nine American heiresses travelled across the Atlantic to bag themselves husbands and titles..

Princes At War thumbnail
Princes At War eAudiobook
Deborah Cadbury / Cameron Stewart Available 25th August 2019

King George V predicted that his son, Edward VIII, would destroy himself within a year of succeeding..

The Mistresses Of Cliveden thumbnail
The Mistresses Of Cliveden eAudiobook
Natalie Livingstone / Carole Boyd

From its dawn in the 1660s to its twilight in the 1960s, Cliveden was an emblem of elite misbehaviou..

Fixers thumbnail
Fixers eAudiobook
Michael Thomas / Lewis Hancock

What if a candidate who promised hope and change had agreed to staff his campaign with Wall Street i..

Her Ladyship's Girl thumbnail
Her Ladyship's Girl eAudiobook
Anwyn Moyle / Gillian Jephcott

Anwyn Moyle was born at the end of the First World War in a Welsh mining village. At 16, she went to..

The Crooked House thumbnail
The Crooked House eAudiobook
Christobel Kent / Rachel Atkins

Alison is as close to anonymous as she can get; hers is a life lived under the radar. But once Aliso..

The Silversmith's Wife thumbnail
The Silversmith's Wife eAudiobook
Sophia Tobin / Christine Mackie

1792. It's winter in Berkeley Square and the night-watchman comes across the body of silversmith Pie..

The Memory Of Midnight thumbnail
The Memory Of Midnight eAudiobook
Pamela Hartshorne / Helen Longworth

In Elizabethan York, young Nell Appleby is trapped in a chest, and a horror of the dark dogs her for..

Mobile Library thumbnail
Mobile Library eAudiobook
David Whitehouse / Joe Coen

Twelve-year-old Bobby Nusku catalogues traces of his mother's life and waits for her to return home...

The Sudden Arrival Of Violence thumbnail
The Sudden Arrival Of Violence eAudiobook
Malcolm Mackay / Angus King

It begins with two deaths: a money-man and a grass. Deaths that offer a unique opportunity to a man ..

Brilliant thumbnail
Brilliant eAudiobook
Roddy Doyle / Stephen Hogan Available 31st August 2019

When Uncle Ben's Dublin business fails, Gloria and Raymond realise that something is wrong. So when ..