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The Pattern In The Carpet thumbnail
The Pattern In The Carpet eAudiobook
Margaret Drabble / Diana Bishop

In The Pattern in the Carpet Margaret Drabble tells the history of the jigsaw, a uniquely British fo..

One Pair Of Feet thumbnail
One Pair Of Feet eAudiobook
Monica Dickens / Carole Boyd

As the effects of the war raging in Europe begin to be felt at home in London, Monica Dickens decide..

H Is For Hawk thumbnail
H Is For Hawk eAudiobook
Helen Macdonald / Helen MacDonald

As a child Helen Macdonald was determined to become a falconer. She learned the arcane terminology a..

Once Upon A Time In The West...Country thumbnail
Once Upon A Time In The West...Country eAudiobook
Tony Hawks / Tony Hawks

Waking in the middle of the night whilst on holiday, Tony Hawks declares an epiphany to his barely c..

Call The Vet thumbnail
Call The Vet eAudiobook
Anna Birch / Anna Baatz

When fresh-faced, newly qualified vet Anna arrives in the seemingly sleepy Dorset village of Ebbourn..

Ardennes 1944 thumbnail
Ardennes 1944 eAudiobook
Antony Beevor / Sean Barrett

On 16 December, 1944, Hitler launched his "last gamble" in the snow-covered forests of the Ardennes...

Home To Roost thumbnail
Home To Roost eAudiobook
Tessa Hainsworth / Anna Bentinck

Seagulls In The Attic left Tessa thrilled as Annie, her best friend from London, fell in love and ma..

Shadows Of The Workhouse thumbnail
Shadows Of The Workhouse eAudiobook
Jennifer Worth / Annie Aldington

In the 1950s, Jennifer Worth was a district midwife in East London. She worked with an order of nurs..

Call The Midwife thumbnail
Call The Midwife eAudiobook
Jennifer Worth / Annie Aldington

Jennifer Worth was just 22 when she volunteered to spend her early years midwifery training in the h..

Blood, Iron & Gold thumbnail
Blood, Iron & Gold eAudiobook
Christian Wolmar / Michael Tudor Barnes

Blood, Iron and Gold reveals the huge impact of the railways as they spread rapidly across the world..

Steaming To Victory thumbnail
Steaming To Victory eAudiobook
Michael Williams / Nick McArdle

The railway system during World War II was the lifeline of the nation, replacing road transport and ..

On The Slow Train thumbnail
On The Slow Train eAudiobook
Michael Williams / Michael Tudor Barnes

On The Slow Train is an unashamed tug at the heartstrings, harking back to a time before Dr Beeching..

Survivor On The River Kwai thumbnail
Survivor On The River Kwai eAudiobook
Reg Twigg / Michael Tudor Barnes

Called up in 1940, Reg expected to be fighting Germans. Instead, he found himself caught up in the f..

Ripper Hunter thumbnail
Ripper Hunter eAudiobook
M.J. Trow / Terry Wale

Who was Inspector Frederick Abberline, the lead detective in the Jack the Ripper case? Why did he an..

Under A Mackerel Sky thumbnail
Under A Mackerel Sky eAudiobook
Rick Stein / Rick Stein

Rick Stein's childhood in Oxfordshire and Cornwall was idyllic. But ever-present was the unpredictab..